I have written for a range of publications and audiences, covering a wide variety of topics—everything from food to fashion to entertainment, parenting, and health. I am skilled at adapting and adhering to a publication's tone, voice, and style guidelines. Below are a few examples of my writing, including interviews, reported pieces, service pieces, and personal essay.   


Celebrity Interview

This piece on celebrity chef and nutritional activist, Jamie Oliver, ran in advance of the premiere of Oliver's TV show, "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution," and features Jamie's insights on how parents can help combat the childhood obesity epidemic at home. The article, along with Oliver's healthy recipes, helped form the base of a healthy living tentpole that ran for three months and garnered major sponsorships., 2010

Service Piece

This service piece was developed from an interview with fashion guru and Project Runway judge, Nina Garcia. An on-the-go mom herself, Garcia offers her best fashion fixes for fellow busy moms. This article was featured prominently in a beauty and fashion tentpole and selected for promotion many times over., 2010

Seasonal Feature

This seasonal feature, "14 Ways to Say I Love You," was written for Valentine's Day and featured as part of a Valentine's Day content package that helped fill out the editorial offerings on a newly launched vertical., 2010

Personal Essay

"Why I'm Thankful for Elastan...and other small miracles" is a personal essay that was commissioned for Thanksgiving. The piece ran on the mini site within Disney, a destination for women that was created in conjunction with actress Teri Hatcher. Voice-driven yet tonally appropriate for the site, the essay captures the spirit of the season (and the joy of stretchy jeans) with humor and heart., 2010

why-im-thankful copy.png


This roundup of the best Los Angeles-based blogs - written back when blogging was still in its infancy - ran in Los Angeles Magazine. The chart-style piece chronicles the who, what, where, and how of local blogging in a sprawling metropolis, shedding light on this growing phenomenon and providing useful digital guideposts for Angelenos. 

Los Angeles Magazine, 2005


Reported Piece

Featured in the interesting-tidbits-from-around-town part of the magazine, this reported piece details the charity auction for a tombstone at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, its winner, and his not-so-final resting place at the Happiest Place on Earth. 

Los Angeles Magazine, 2004